Skarure' Woccon of the cape fear

Skarure & Woccon better reflect our distinction and deeply rooted ancestry, spanning from southern Virginia, all the way to northern South Carolina, and all parts in between. 

Skarure' Strong & Woccon Wise

With a warm welcome from the community, and support from our affiliates, FANA, the House of Ancestry, and The Living Tongues Institute For Endangered Languages, Skarure Woccon of the Cape Fear have emerged from the shadows of dismissal and extinction stronger than ever. 

Skarure' Strong and Woccon Wise, we are thriving

Federation of Aboriginal Nations of the Americas

 FANA, is a confederation of pre-colonial American Indian Tribes and Nations that are ancestral inhabitants to the lands contemporarily referred to as the Americas. 

United House of Ancestry
 The United House of Ancestry is a league of genealogists, researchers, analysts and historians dedicated to unveiling the living history of the past. 

LOGO - Living Tongues.jpg

Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, a leading non-profit research organization based in the US with researchers located around the globe, stands at the intersection of linguistics and community activism. They have partnered with the Skakure Woccon community of Cape Fear, NC, to help bring awareness to the Woccon language and to create the first-ever Woccon Living Dictionary based on archival materials.